Christina Spilioto Poulou on Unsplash

Joel started back to consciousness and found himself staring at the ceiling above the couch.

How long had he been asleep? He’d planned to get school stuff sorted before they headed into town but he’d been distracted, his mind full of questions.

It’d been a week since that night at…

Christina Spilioto Poulou on Unsplash

Wiri slowed his pace to fall into step beside Joel and Sam as they moved up the main street toward The Point. Relaxed laughter drifted out to meet them from the doorways of various dining and drinking establishments as they passed.

It felt good to ditch the suit and get…

Christina Spilioto Poulou on Unsplash

Joel surfaced again.
It lay deeper than he’d first thought, harder to get to. Its smooth black sheen had caught his eye amongst the grey-green algae that covered the paua bed.
He needed extra help.
He hauled the weight belt over the side of the skiff and sucked in breath…

Christina Spilioto Poulou on Unsplash

The egg slid from its pan and joined two strips of bacon atop the pile of toast. Wiri slapped another slice on top before he realised -
“Almost forgot the magic ingredient.”
Joel slid the sauce bottle across the breakfast counter, pulled up a stool next to him and eyed his…

April 19, 4.34pm — May 20, 3.36pm, 2021*

Photo by Richard Gatley on Unsplash

When the Sun moves into Taurus, it’s time to ground the spark that Aries initiated and get to doin’.

Taurus, Latin for bull, is ruled, along with Libra, by Venus. But while Libra explores refining and sharing the pleasures of life with…

Gilda Flint

Finding my groove. Spreading my wings. Being inspired.

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