May 2nd, 3.31pm — May 4th, 10.09pm, 2021*

Photo by Daniels Joffe on Unsplash

With the moon in Aquarius our concerns turn towards groups, societies and movements we already belong to, or are looking to join.

We feel the urge to undertake tasks for the greater good and cultivate visionary ideas for new ways of doing things, whether it be a hack that will make your daily routines run more smoothly or technological innovations that benefit wider society.

Unexpected events strike from out of the blue or we encounter new and unusual people and ideas.

The urge for personal freedom is at a premium right now. Emotional reactions are less personal and more contained, so ensure that you take the time to understand the root of others concerns before offering wholesale advice of a practical nature. They may be looking for empathy and support rather than actionable solutions at this time.

Letting your unique qualities shine empowers others to do the same.

*All times Eastern Time

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Finding my groove. Spreading my wings. Being inspired.

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