May 4th, 10.09pm — May 7th, 7.53am, 2021*

Photo by Maksym Sirman on Unsplash

The moon in Pisces encourages dissolution of boundaries and flights of imagination.

The truth of the matter becomes much harder to make out; instead we’re distracted by glamour and pleasant illusions and may allow ourselves to get caught up in the way we want things to be. The arts, movies and things of beauty all appeal right now.

We have an urge to shed personal identity and become part of a greater whole, to give ourselves over to a larger mystery. We immerse ourselves in the depths, not to know truth, but to experience emotion, whether it be rooted in reality or part of a grand illusion.

Although we all encounter these feelings through different facets of experience, it is this universality of emotion that unites us in our humanity. Once we have lost ourselves in the infinite energies, then reformed, we are ready to step back onto the wheel again and burst forth with fresh vigor into the world.

*Times all Eastern Time

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Finding my groove. Spreading my wings. Being inspired.

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