April 19, 4.34pm — May 20, 3.36pm, 2021*

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When the Sun moves into Taurus, it’s time to ground the spark that Aries initiated and get to doin’.

Taurus, Latin for bull, is ruled, along with Libra, by Venus. But while Libra explores refining and sharing the pleasures of life with others, Taurus encourages us to access and enjoy those simpler ones that enhance our day-to-day lives for ourselves.

Taureans are usually very attractive people who exude a quietly confident aura. They appear comfortable in their own skin, which other people find soothing. They usually possess big bedroom eyes, and often give off a very sensuous, come-hither vibe.

They’re earthy, often with pleasant speaking and singing voices, and there is usually something luxe about them. Think woody perfumes, rich dark or jewel colours, tactile fabrics: they can be well-groomed or woodsman-y but always give off the vibe of a person of substance.

Taureans prefer dealing in practical, tangible concerns: what they can touch, see, taste, who they can dance with and make love to. They know how to handle the business of living, and they usually do it in style. Taureans take their work, and pleasure, seriously, although sometimes they can get their priorities flipped, which inevitably leads to trouble.

Taureans know how to let their hair down, a long, long way, and have a taste for the finer things in life, which often includes eating and drinking, whether it’s top shelf liquor or the rustic charms of a home-cooked meal.

They usually have excellent taste, are particular without being finicky, and will be that friend who always knows the best places to find delicious food, velvety scatter cushions, or that divine-smelling hand soap that they always have in their downstairs bathroom.

They work an honest, straightforward energy; not necessarily as blunt an instrument as Aries, but they tend to speak slowly, choosing their words for impact.

A fixed sign, they’re known for stubborness and a reluctance to change their ways. They’re not trying to be difficult, but like a carved marble statue, they’re the quintessential immovable object. They know where they stand, and they won’t change their minds just to be polite.

Taureans are not trigger-happy or flibbertigibbets, off chasing the next bright, shiny idea. They consider, decide — then they move. What’s the point of action until you know what it is you’re going to do? Bulls can be found sitting back in any crowd, getting the lay of the land before they make their move. They’re the card player with the poker face learning everyone’s tells, that hustles the whole table. They’re analytical and strategic: they work out their plan then execute it with precision and certainty, and without excessive showmanship. Instead, they let the results speak for themselves.

Taureans possess ample ambition and mental tenacity, which they use to wear out any opposition. Don’t enter a staring contest with a Taurean, you’ll end up with eye problems. Their bullish focus can be just as intense as that of Aries, but tends to be more considered and a lot less competition based — although Taurus likes to do a good job, they do it independently from what Joe across the office aisle is up to. Having said that, Taureans tend to be more corner office than cubicle city, after all they need the cash to bank-roll their expensive tastes. But generally, achievement for Bulls is not so much about bettering others, it’s more that noone tells them that they can’t do something.

Taurus is born with a healthy disrespect for authority, and won’t take something as gospel just because the boss said it. They want evidence to base their conclusions on, so you better be able to whip out facts and figures if you want to gain their endorsement. They appreciate solid foundations in thinking, doing and being, and are usually unswayed by sentimentality.

The bull is the master of the slow smolder: they operate on a naturally long fuse and are usually unflappable under trying circumstances, so if anything is getting to you this month, take a leaf out of Taurus’s embossed notebook and outlast it, rather than letting the situation provoke your ire.

They go for quality in all areas of their life, so if they choose you to be in it, take that as a compliment. Taureans are loyal and devoted, and will prove to be a rock for their friends and loved ones, but once they’ve decided that they’re done with you, there’s no going back, so if you value your relationship with them, don’t push them too far.

Taureans aren’t really interested in partners who dilly-dally or play hard-to-get, they want someone straightforward who shoots from the hip and enjoys a good time and luxury surrounds as much as they do, without the drama.

Between their high thread-count sheets they’re sensuous and can be voracious. Mental fantasies don’t really do it for a Bull, they’d prefer to just try anything that takes their fancy — which is a lot. Of course they’re romantic, but the culmination of romance to them — after the wining and dining — is getting down to business.

Like many signs, Taurus has the fault of their talents, and although they’d probably argue that you can never have too much of a good thing, they must take care to temper their pleasure-seeking impulses with sustained periods of effort and achievement to ensure they don’t dissapate their energy through hedonism and laziness. They also need to guard against their perfectionist tendencies turning to snobbery.

This month use some of that Taurean energy to your advantage. Take stock, make a plan and utilise your tenacity and ability to go the distance to bring it to fruition. Refuse to be rushed or tempted to cut corners. Then, after the work is done, indulge the Bull’s hedonistic spirit, and treat yourself to some guilty pleasures, with none of the guilt. In Taurus season, whatever lights your fire — business or pleasure — it’s time to put your back into it.

Constellation: Taurus
Element: Earth
Quality: Fixed

*Eastern Time

Sun in Aries

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