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Who — or what — has arrived in the waters surrounding Joel and Wiri’s sleepy coastal village and why have local fishermen begun to mysteriously disappear from their boats? Are the duo equipped to deal with what they might discover, especially when the threat may have bigger implications than they could’ve ever imagined, and who would they turn to who would be able to help them? YA urban fantasy set in small-town New Zealand.

The Harbour has been rolling around in my head — and laptop — for more than a decade, and now it’s time to get it out there. I’ve decided to share it on this platform as I do my editing, so not all chapters are currently available, but I am making a renewed push to post new chapters as often as possible. Please follow me if you would like to read along. I may do a mailing list at later date. Also feel free to add any comments and suggestions that you think may improve the reading experience. I hope you enjoy.

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