April 17, 3.26pm — April 20, 2.10am*

Photo by Alejandro Alas on Unsplash

With the moon now in Cancer, we turn our attention to the foundations of life, those seemingly mundane matters that in reality are the pillars of our existence: self-care, our home base and nurturing ourselves and others.

When our literal and metaphorical houses are in order we have a firm springboard to venture out into the world. Take the time to gather your energies and contemplate your options, whether it’s a continuation of the direction you’re already heading or the forging of a new path.

We can find we are more sensitive and intuitive than usual, and also more sentimental — harking back to past memories, or reaching out to friends and family.

Pamper yourself and your loved ones, eat well and indulge in gentle exercise or catch up on sleep. Let the tide rise and refresh your spirit.

*All times Eastern Time

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Finding my groove. Spreading my wings. Being inspired.

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